Bee Natural Apiaries is a large profitable 14-year old hobby beekeeping business that is positioned to expand into a commercial operation, taking advantage of high honey prices and a growing consumer demand for natural, healthy foods and food supplements that are produced by honeybees.

This business opportunity is for an investor who is interested in commercial beekeeping and who may wish to participate in the daily operations of the business as a learning partner. Expansion financing costs are $190,000 dollars, 60% for capital equipment and 40% for inventory.

Investment funds will allow Bee Natural Apiaries to increase to 700 colonies, more than three times current size. With the larger operation, management is able to take advantage of economics of scale and thus net profit before taxes and debt payment increases from 18% of revenue to a projected 64% of revenue. Investor will receive 50% equity of the company.

Investor may exit after two years, at which time, Bee Natural Apiaries will buy back the shares evenly over the following four years at a 15% increase in share value. In addition, the investor will receive the appropriate portion of net profit.

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Bee Natural Apiaries
Vancouver, Fraser Valley, Canada
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