The marketing of bees and bee products is traditionally accomplished by word of mouth and generally does not require an advertising budget. However, Bee Natural Apiaries has developed a web page which will expand the market to include international sales of bee products.

Pollination services for the major berry and tree fruit crops generate a significant potion of income. Growers are contacted personally, and long-term contracts are developed as a result of personal attention to their needs. Timely, dependable, effective pollination results in a growing demand for the healthy, vigorous bees provided by Bee Natural Apiaries..

Future Opportunities

Scott’s plan includes developing retail farm gate sales for honey and additional hive products such as beeswax candles, pollen, propolis, handmade soaps and specialty cosmetics.

His location in the Fraser Valley provides access to a large population base and many clients drive considerable distances to purchase raw and natural honey. The large Asian demographic in the area is preconditioned to the benefits of the healthy products of the hive and constitutes a strong component of the present and available market base.

In addition to farm gate sales, Scott will develop an export market of honeybee packages to the United States and large commercial honey producers in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.