Bee Natural consists of 300 colonies of bees and equipment for rearing queens, honey production and transportation of colonies to pollination. This equipment includes a truck and trailer, woodenware to house the bees and extractors to harvest the honey. It is a large profitable nine-year old hobby beekeeping business that is positioned to expand into a commercial operation, taking advantage of high honey prices and a growing consumer demand for natural, healthy foods and food supplements that are produced by honeybees.

Scott Gordon has been working in the beekeeping industry since 1995. He has steadily expanded his profitable apiary to 300 hives. His interest in honeybees led him to attend queen rearing seminars and the Bee Masters course at Simon Fraser University. In 2002 Scott traveled to New Zealand to participate in the beekeeping industry. While there, he worked with David Yanke a Commercial Queen Breeder in New Zealand, who instructed him in the technical aspects of artificial insemination of queen bees. Scott has also worked with commercial beekeepers in New Zealand, the Fraser Valley and the interior of British Columbia. In addition to Scott’s experience in commercial beekeeping, he was employed by Natural Factors Laboratories to expand his knowledge of bees and their associated products.

Most recently, Scott works in cooperation with the University of British Columbia to assist with a genetics research project and currently holds a position with the B.C. Ministry of Agriculture as a Provincial Bee Inspector.

Consumer demand for natural alternatives to traditional medicines has made honey and other bee products very desirable and Scott learned a tremendous amount about the health benefits of these products during his four years of employment with the research facility.

While working to establish a commercial apiary he has developed many good contacts and advisors within the beekeeping industry including: Paul vanWestendorp, Provincial Apiarist, Jaquie Bunse, Past President of the B.C. Honey Producers Association and John Gates, former MAFF Apiculture Specialist.

Scott is personable, hard working and goal-oriented with a tremendous passion for bees. Scott is versatile and enjoys taking on new challenges, picking up new skills in a relaxed and confident manner..