Scott is available for consultation and management of honey bee colonies which include disease and pest control.

Beekeepers can ensure happy, healthy and productive hives and improve conditions within the local beekeeping community.

I started to seriously consider bees a lifestyle choice in the mid 1990’s when I worked for Natural Factors, a research facility in Kelowna B.C.. I cared for and maintained an apiary of 100 colonies and from these hives we collected products such as pollen, propolis, honey and royal jelly, for testing in health products. I became perpetually fascinated and perplexed by the honey bee and, almost 20 years later, continue to work to assist in a U.B.C. bee breeding program. See Scott in The Globe and Mail and The News

Scott received his Bee Masters Certificate from S.F.U. in 2001 and started a commercial bee keeping outfit. I accepted an appointment with the B.C. Ministry of Agriculture as a provincial apiary inspector.

As the owner and operator of Bee Natural Apiaries, my primary goal is to select and breed quality local QUEENS that produce large productive hives resistant to disease and pests.

Scott Gordon
Bee Natural Apiaries
Vancouver, Fraser Valley, Canada
beeexcellent @ hotmail.com